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Gonna take a few weeks break from writing to catch up on a few things, some more sorely needed than others.

But don't worry, I've got plenty of plans for new chapters and blogs, and sorts of things. And of course, I'll be around on the various sites, so you'll still be able to reach me.

See you on the other side.
Plus, I just love a Capella shanties.

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I apologize for the irritating nasally sound of my voice, had a stuffy nose all week.

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For the Godzilla/Marvel saga!

Spit-ball me any idea you might have, it could be as simple as:
  • a line of dialog.
  • an encounter.
  • a character idea.

Or as major as:

  • A fight scene
  • A death
  • A whole plot line!

I'll listen to anything you guys wanna throw-out. I may not use it, and it'll have to work with what I've already got worked out, but I'm open to suggestions great and small, who knows, maybe you'll give me something that totally blows me away!


Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

All set.

New chapters are loaded into the chamber here on DA, FimFic, and FanFic, ready for just a few button clicks to be posted.

Gonna take the next week to work on some sketches, and catch-up on some reading and shows. After posting, gonna focus on Worlds Collide for a while, it really is time I finished that thing up. Got a lot of road ahead of me.

I'll post an update on my plans after the releases, when I have a better idea of how I want to approach the next few chapters. Maybe I'll have something out around New Year's.
A video I'd like to do within the next few days, will be regarding the election, the reaction to the election, and my feelings about aforementioned election.

I know you guys don't come to me for political stuff, and I'm not doing this to start a new schedule of social commentary. I am someone who follows politics and current events, so I hope you'll indulge me this instance of opinionation. I considered just making it a blog, but there's too much I'd like to show you.

If you don't care to listen to me comment on what was a highly controversial, emotionally charged, and polarizing event, then feel free to pass it on by knowing that I am currently about 1/2 way done with the latest chapter of The Unforgiven. When done, I'll be releasing updates to all five of my currently ongoing stories.

After that, my next video project will hopefully be for chapter 34 of Tarbtano's "The Bridge", depending on how I feel about it, and whatever is going on in my life.

So I hope to deliver to you something worth watching for a few minutes, and fodder for your vociferous opinions.
So later on in the G|M Saga, You guys are gonna meet some original characters of mine. Most of them are the members of Ozaki's team, fellow mutant's like him in Godzilla: Final War. The others, like Shane Redmond and Sean MacNidah you've already met briefly met in WORLDS COLLIDE. This isn't meant to be totally comprehensive, as you'll see more of them in the upcoming stories.

James Eikenboom:

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Age: 42

Height: 6'5

Weight: 290 lbs.

Hair: Black, long; black beard

Eyes:  Brown

HOR: Stone Mountain, Georgia.  

Marital Status: Married, wife Jeanine; Son Caspar

Time in Service: 7 years

Before joining Organization M he was a prison guard at the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. Abilities include enhanced strength and reflexes, and exceptionally durable skin. Also a skilled kick-boxer. Tasked in the team as a heavy gunner. Due to age and maturity, James is Ozaki's second in command, designated as Alpha team leader, assumes command in Ozaki's absence. Previous military experience includes time with Army Rangers.

Blake Havat

Rank: Sergeant

Age: 27

Height: 6'0

Weight: 215 lbs

Hair: Black, typically worn in tight ponytail

Eyes: Blue

HOR: Fort Worth, Texas

Marital Status: Single

Time in Service: 6 Years

  Though technically involved with the Organization for longer than Eikenboom, Blake's first few years were spent in the academy. Possessed of the enhanced reflexes and strength prevalent among his fellow mutants, he also has superior sensory capabilities. With his six senses at levels that surpass the best mankind has barring artificial enhancements, he is perhaps the most physically capable member of the team. Trained in martial arts from a young age by his father, he has excelled in every form of combat, armed and unarmed presented to him. He also possess a cunning tactical mind. Flaws include: an anti-social temper, that can cause him to become withdrawn, and create tension with teammates. Angered by the inclusion of females on the team. Harbors a deep seated emotional scar at the loss of his older brother during an incident combating a Kaiju attack. Originally recruited as an engineer.Tasked as Bravo Team leader.

Caerwyn Cadwallader

Rank: Corporal

Age: 25

Height: 6'1

Weight: 210 lbs

Hair: Light Blond, shoulder length

Eyes: Pale Blue

HOR: Abertillary, Wales

Marital Status: Single

Time in Service: 2 Years

A Graduate of Cardiff University, with degrees in chemistry, medicine, and mathematics. Abilities include enhanced reflexes and information processing, near-photographic memory, and low degree empath. Hobbies include rugby, boxing, and painting. Tasked as the team’s medic. Caerwyn possess a calm, friendly demeanor, making him an effective team member. Level of education and wealthy upbringing has left him intimidated by the more aggressive members of the team, and has reported feeling "invisible" at times to his teammates. Though personally brave, shows reluctance to engage in actions he views as unnecessary or "over the top". His empathic abilities and medical knowledge make him one of the best field medics in the Organization.

Cindy Hunter

Rank: Specialist

Age: 22

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Pale Blond, typically worn in tight ponytail

Eyes: brown

HOR: Bonnie Lake, Washington

Marital Status: Single

Time in Service: 1 year

  High school education.  Daughter of Owen Hunter, electronics and communications engineer, president of Bonnie Communications. Abilities include enhanced reflexes, enhanced balance and agility, sensitivity to radio waves and frequencies. Capable of listening to radio communications via brain waves. Hobbies include gymnastics, track & field, skilled equestrienne. Tasked as the teams communication specialist. Despite her relatively diminutive stature, Cindy is an Olympic level athlete. As the newest member of the team, she has proven to be a fast learner under the leadership of Ozaki and Eikenboom, adapting to the soldier life with relish. Though usually cheerful, she can become intensely serious, even threatening, during missions or when angered. Going so far as to physically assault a fellow academy member during a field exercise for his lackadaisical attitude.

Alyssa Havat

Rank: Corporal

Age: 24

Height: 5'9

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Black, medium length

Eyes: Green

HOR: Fort Worth, Texas

Marital Status: Single

Time In Service: 2 Years

  Possessed of similar abilities to her older brother Blake, though not as strong. Similarly trained in martial arts from youth by her father, she is the fastest member of the team. Her own heightened sensory capabilities rival those of her brothers. Alyssa is a stark contrast to her darker, more grim sibling, being much more casual and friendly, even flirtatious with her male colleagues. Her brother nearly resigned the team in a rage when she successfully petitioned to join. He was forced to abandon his opposition however, after she single-handedly put a Red Bamboo cell to route during a mission. Confident in her abilities, she most of all is unafraid to confront her brother, though not at the expense of her affection for him. Has become a sort of big-sister to teammate Cindy Hunter. Notable flaws include a penchant for recklessness, infractions for disorderly conduct, and can become overwhelmed when feeling cornered.

Shane Redmond:

Rank: Civilian

Age: 31

Height: 5’11

Weight: 190 lbs.

Hair: Light Blond

Eyes: Blue

HOR: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Marital Status: Single

Former Canadian military, member of the world recognized Joint Task Force 2, participating in many operations that remain classified by the Canadian Government. Official specialization training also remains classified. Currently specializes in Kaiju information and lore. Works for the EDF as a civilian consultant. Former student and researcher for the Kaiju Research Institute on Nullius Ager, personal friend of Dr. Quinn Darien, and discoverer of the Egyptian Varan Mural. Shane is light on his feet and a quick thinker, affable and approachable. Very athletic for a non-enhanced human.

Sean MacNidah:

Rank: Captain. EDF North Command. Irish Army Rangers.

Age: 33

Height: 6’3

Weight: 220 lbs.

Hair: red/brown

Eyes: Green

HOR: Rosscarbery, County Cork, Ireland

Marital Status: Engaged

Former IRA soldier. Participated in unknown number of guerrilla operations against British military in Northern Ireland. Joined the Irish Army Rangers, Sciathán Fianóglach an Airm. Highly trained in long range reconnaissance and survival training, anti-terrorism tactics, VIP protection, combat diving, boat handling, sniping, explosive intervention, advance navigation, and close quarters combat skills, care under fire, and parachuting. Tasked to the EDF by the IAR upon request. Current duties include overseeing the Global Kaiju Monitoring System, and dispatching response teams.

Faith-Wolff here on DA:
I'm of a mind to put some framework together for a new MLPFiM story, featuring extraterrestrials in Equestria.

Though I'm undecided as to whether I should have it takes place in regular Equestria, or in the Equestria Girls world.

What do you guys think would be a better option?
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My first full attempt at a video review,

Links and Transcription below!!!!

This month’s chapter is a bit of a back and forth, between Anguirus, Xenilla, and Junior.

It starts out in the magical land of Shama-lama-ding-dong, I mean, Shambhala, otherwise known as Shangri-La. We get some canon backstory on Terra long before the events of the saga, when the last of Earth’s manna was still being used. Apparently almost everything, living or technological, relies on it, like nuclear power in the fallout world. Machines and buildings fall apart, creatures who use it de-volve into animals or humans.

I do hope that we get some more details of this ante-Bagan world of dragon’s, shape-shifers, even Immugi’s getting de-powered into pythons. I very much like the inclusion of the D-Wars stuff, to whatever extent he borrowed from it. And it makes me wonder if the Artox Army are laying in wait somewhere, ready to obey the command of the evil serpent himself, Buraki.

As a regular reader of the series, I can tell when extra effort goes into a chapter, and before we even get into the bulk of the episode, we see a pre-constructed mythology. Descriptions of people, places, and relationships are always a sign of pre-cognitive story writing. I should know, half the time I’ve got enough head canon to choke a donkey, other times I just kinda wing-it. And this one, this one I can tell Tarb has been sitting on for a while.

This is a whole new world that Tarb could explore if he wanted, a lot of material that could wind-up in the Amalgamverse forum, or on Fanfiction.

So we get the Anguirus: Origins bit of the story, I was a little surprised that Tarb chose him to serve this particular exposition vehicle, but he does it well. Now we knew already that Godzilla and the other guardians were creations from previous ancient civilizations, and in the wake of Bagan’s rampage world tour, they spent the last of their powers to create and imbue them with abilities. In what is basically an embryonic chamber for Anguirus to absorb the mana in something like a nutrient bath, his creators pull a set-it-and-forget it, leaving him to grow and mature for tens of thousands of years.

Battra makes a brief cameo in mention, which I thought was cool. As the Punisher of Godzilla’s gallery, I think he’s massively underused in both canon and fanon material. For all the spotlight Mothra has, her brother/father has just as much potential.

Jumping forward to the present, we find Anguirus on SweetApple Acers, which is a nice way of contrasting the intent of his origins with how things turned out. He was the alpha prototype, meant to bear the element of fire. But it was not to be, and here he is hauling apples like a shmuck.

Tarb has been teasing a Spike/Anguirus scene for a few months now, and I had the feeling it would involve a conversation during a walk, since that’s a pretty convenient exposition device. And let’s face it, what kind of conversation are a stoic and a child going to have anyway? Going in, I was curious to see how this would play out.

The juice box is a clear hint of his adolescence, Spike experiencing some depression that he hasn’t learned how to deal with properly with yet. And the comparison is made explicit when Anguirus is reminded of having to deal with immature Kaiju like Rodan and Gorgo, this Gorgo presumably being the juvenile from decades ago.

Here is where I really start to notice some odd phrasing, some of which I’m willing to chalk-up as typos, or misfires while in the heat of putting down words, again, this is known to me. (It is known). ‘Returning his addressing’ is just one that really sticks out, but after a while, you know that some of these couldn’t have gotten past Tarb and two screeners unless they were intentional, which leads me to think he’s being poetic. And this has been an ongoing trend for as long as I‘ve been following the story, sometimes it’s character speech, and sometimes it’s not.

Spike here, is having an existential question as to his usefulness, his place in the world, which is something we all tend to ask ourselves at one point or another. And certainly one we’ve been asking about Spike since season 1. This is a fair thing to wonder about oneself, ‘could I be doing more?’ Is this all I’m good for?’ ‘What else can I put pesto on?’ are all common issues we deal with, and for someone surrounded by ponies who save the world on a regular basis, I imagine it has a much closer impact

We never really compare ourselves to those distant to us, sure we look at body builders and models as examples, but it’s the people closest to us that really shape our day-to-day lives, and who we measure ourselves against. Humans, being the tribal creatures that we are, are always striving, consciously or unconsciously, to be a valued member of our group, if just a sufficient one to merit inclusion. Sure Spike has had his moments to shine, most of us have our 15 minutes of fame sooner or later, there remains the fact that he is overshadowed by the fame and destiny of those around him. And he knows it.

Trying to help the young dragon jogs a memory for Anguirus, back to when he sacrificed his ultimate power to save someone else, Baragon, who apparently just went four rounds with Ghost Godzilla. This is a very interesting dimension to his mythos, that Anguirus would have been the most powerful of his kind had he not joined the fight with Gamera. But he gave it up to save Baragon, and to ensure that a major threat could be dealt with. This is an obvious nod to the fact that the original GMK line-up was planned to feature Anguirus, Baragon, and Varan, Tarb changing it further to include Gamera.

The little moral of this portion is basically to keep the faith. Even if you’re not in a position to be the big hero in the present, it may just not be your time. Stay optimistic, don’t let your spirit wither, and an opportunity will arise.

It’s a cute little scene by the end, and definitely fills out the need for some character building of those who aren’t main characters. Anguirus is a great straight man for wilder characters, and in a position to offer some guidance to those his junior. His lot is just kinda tragic. He was denied the fire and great strength he was supposed to have, relegated to being beaten by the stronger Kaiju again and again. But he takes it in stride, not quite an optimist, but persevering through the hardships, and being a figure of stability among his comrades.

After quite some time we finally come back to SpaceGodzilla and Blade Dancer while on their train trip back to Canterlot. I believe I’ve said it before, but Xenilla and blade dancer is my favorite ship of the series, so far at least. I’ve gone into my reasons why already, but I will say that this chapter re-enforces those reasons.

We finally get an explanation behind the visions, I mean, we already knew what they were, we’re just finally getting to some exposition. There’s not much to comment on in this first segment, so I’ll wait until we revisit them later on.

Next is arguably the meatiest part of this month’s episode, the case of Canterlot v. Godzilla, wherein Junior winds-up on trial. This is a scene that has been coming since the heroic defense of Canterlot, and the short bit with Moonbeam on the radio. This doesn’t turn out to be the regathering of the fellowship I was looking for, but there certainly is plenty of material presented to set the stage for the meeting. I only hope we get some character insight with Rodan and Destoroyah in the next chapter, since we hit the other four in this one.

I don’t recall having any previous hint that this scene would be taking place, so it’s inclusion took me off guard, a path I hadn’t foreseen. And as we went through it, I became more interested by the politics and social dynamics at play. Despite the action of later segments, this part was to me the most interesting. And judging by the comment section, I’m not alone in being impressed.

Godzilla, in this story, is my favorite character. Mostly because, well, he’s Godzilla. Whether you like other characters as much or more, he’s pretty much the main character.

The aesthetic of a trial is enhanced by the fact that Junior’s seat is next to Fancy Pants’ seat to govern the hearing. Like a witness beside a judge, it becomes less a clarification and more an interrogation, as is mentioned plainly in the text.

I thought his inclusion of the surname ‘Gojo’ was strange, and I don’t know if I like it all that much. But since I don’t envision it being something of much importance going forward, I’m just gonna forget about it.

With our mouthful of name and title trail mix, we proceed onto the questioning. And I did like the way BlueBerry Frost would act as translator and counsel, telling him what others meant, and what he should do.

The first two questions are benign enough, what you’d figure they’d ask him in a fact-finding committee. But then Moonbeam gets her hooks into the conversation, and goes in for the kill.

The observation about mammals and reptiles was an interesting one, and something I hadn’t really considered before. Though as mammals ourselves, we’re much more inclined to be accepting of our fellow mammals because we can connect with them better. We separated from reptiles so long ago, they might as well be alien to us, so it’s no surprise that were more wary of them. That and our arboreal ancestors had a rather adversarial relationship with snakes in trees.

Now here, I think most people are taking Godzilla’s side because they know that to destroy evil monsters who try to take over the word is a good thing. And even that is because we tend to view it as a predator-prey dynamic. I don’t think herbivore animals would bat an eye if all the wolves were wiped out, because wolves eat them. Likewise, Gyaos eat humans, so we’re all like: “Go ahead Godzilla! Kill ‘em al!”

But what I see being played out between Junior and Moonbeam, is Egalitarianism vs. a quasi-civilized Barbarism.

Without going into r/K-Selection theory, Moonbeam fears that which is strong and she has no check on, whether it be benevolent or malign. This is classic Slave Morality, making a virtue out of meekness. If it is strong and beyond the control of those weaker, then it is to be feared and must be destroyed.

Godzilla is much more a realist, not quite a practitioner of Master Morality, but if something is a threat, he will not hesitate to exterminate it. While he would prefer not to, he has no qualms about killing hordes of Gyaos or other dangerous Kaiju, regardless of some concept of inherent rights possessed by all living creatures. I’d call this a type of lawful Barbarism, where there is a law to appeal to, but when the law falls short, or is inapplicable, then heads get split by axes.

For Godzilla, that fact that his strength is in service to others, but not servile, is the great advantage. He does it because he thinks he should, not because others make him. And he does not imbue his adversaries with some right to life, to be preserved at the expense of future danger.

For Moonbeam, because she would be at the whim of those more powerful, seeks to make that power beholden to her, like a mouse putting a yolk on a bull. For her survival, the strong must be made to serve, not because they want to, but to prevent herself from being the victim.

“But, obviously not all life is equal to you. After all, you seem to think killing is OK if it stops problems, yes?”

This is the explicit admission of Moonbeam of her diametrically opposing view. To the r-Selected, Slave Morality holder, all life must be equal, so that those she fears will consider her life as valuable as theirs. If her life is not equal to theirs, then there is the danger of them asserting their Master status over her.

But this conflicts with some of our natural instincts to use our strength to put an end to threats. If someone were to prey on our children, it might seem perfectly natural to murder them on the spot, since threats to children cannot be tolerated, and to eliminate any future threats that might arise. To some, violence is a valid path to resolution, it can be finite, establish borders and force compliance of belligerents. To others, violence is to be feared, because they lack the power to wield it on par with those around them.

Why Moonbeam would fear power? Well, she hints to it at the end of her participation in the chapter. We already know that her sister is Starlight Glimmer, who at this point in time is still in charge of her cult in the mountains. We saw that Starlight is exceptionally powerful in her magic, matching Alicorn Twilight to a stalemate. Starlight used her power for bad, and no-one could stop her. Godzilla used his power, and no-one could seemingly stop him if he wanted to do bad things, like kill and eat ponies.

Moonbeam, I think, feels powerless. Her understanding of power is warped by her sister, viewing power as inherently corrupting. The dictum “Power corrupts” is the encapsulment of Slave Morality, and because Godzilla has mighty power, he is fated to be mightily corrupted.

All that said, I do have to echo a few sentiments, Moonbeam is a bit of a cunt here. She faults the fact that Junior’s parents weren’t married, despite the fact that neither of them are his biological parents, or even of compatible animal species. I don’t quite fault her for not knowing that Humans and Kaiju marrying would be insane, but she has enough information to know the term bastard cannot even remotely apply to his species.

To turn the tables on her, Moonbeam also clearly has issues with her parents, and seems to go right for a “Sins of the Father” concept. Which betrays another link to her malformed relationship to power. Perhaps one of her parents was also powerful, and used it for ‘not nice’ ends.

To sum it up: for her, Power is inherently untrustworthy, Godzilla has power, therefore, Godzilla is inherently untrustworthy.

She asks him how they’re supposed to be assured that he won’t turn his anger on them. And the truth is that there is no assurance, because if Godzilla thought there was a pony threat, he would handle it, because that’s the right thing to do no matter who the aggressor is.

I really don’t agree with the accusations of Racism and Xenophobia thrown at moonbeam, not least because I disdain those terms in themselves, but because they’re thrown around defacto as pejoratives. Moonbeam is perfectly justified in being afraid of Godzilla, she’d be nuts not to. He’s a powerful alien who does not share her culture. There are historically very good reasons to be alarmed by something like that. Moonbeam may not be very polite about it, but she’s not a villain.

This was another scene that really deserves to be animated.

Oh yeah ponies, every fear you have about the monster you think Godzilla is, that’s King Ghidorah. Just you wait until a malevolent, red eyed, three-headed Pegasus shows up, then you’ll be begging for a giant fire-breathing dinosaur to help you. I’m not dissuaded from thinking that Ghidorah could conquer Equestria without changing into his real body.

When Lea joins the discussion things take a much lighter turn, right into exposition territory. Lea gets to answer a few questions, like how they met, the nature of their relationship. I genuinely liked the segment where they address the question of if they’re married, with the flabbergasted reaction from both.

Way to sink all the Goji-Lea shippers Tarb.

I would also agree that Godzilla is the younger sibling. While his body might be older than Lea, she is mentally much older than him, carrying on the lineage of her foremothers.

Going into that, I really like the fact that Lea still has genetic flashbacks to the night Senior killed Battra. Both of them belonging to a previous generation, to see their legacy occasionally reflected in Lea and Junior makes for good inner conflict. Especially for Lea, since she’s otherwise kinda lacking in the character complexity department. The fact that Senior still haunts her is cool, what could be cooler, would be Lea tapping into some Battra anger on an occasion.

“What you mean Godzilla no turn into mighty Yak?! YAK SMASH!!!!”

I like Captain Blueberry Frost well enough, but sometimes I do have to read her dialog 2 or 3 times to understand what she’s saying. Not a complaint per se, just something that slowed me down.

It was a relief to see somepony finally explain to Godzilla what we’ve been trying to do by yelling at our computer screens for years, and clue him in on what flirting is. I mean, I get the running joke, and enjoyed Blade Dancer’s frustration, but after a while you’d think Godzilla would recognize some signs of a female showing attention, even if only by comparison to other species courtship rituals.

I have to wonder about what this ‘other trouble’ could be that Frost refers to. Are there some unruly highway-ponies robbing travelers? Did they go out on missions to herd the buffalo tribes onto the reservations? Is there some kind of secret conflict with the Bat-ponies? The possibilities.

The next few bits felt like a bit of fluff for Godzilla, but nothing terrible, just Frost trying to get across to Godzilla why he should learn how to live with the ponies, since he’s stuck there for an undetermined amount of time. This hopefully will open him up to some new dimensions with other characters, and he might just even understand what’s been going on between himself and Luna! Go LunZilla!

But I did like the ending theme, where it’s revealed that Frost led him to the pub with the hidden agenda of showing him some of the gratitude that Canterlot residents had for what he did for them. Showing him that not all of the voices on the matter were afraid of him. He gets a round of grog on the house, a courtesy of the barkeep, and after a good swig, tries to have one more thing clarified. So I though this part was a long time coming, moreso because of our perspective as readers has been so much longer than the characters.

Coming towards the end, we drop back in on Lea after her deposition with Junior. She hasn’t really done all that much in a while, aside from some overly complicated drama during the Day of the Babies. But Tarb does write her with a charming personality, and I do enjoy whenever we spend time with her. Like Godzilla, I think we could follow a good arc with her as the main protagonist, she has a good power set in this body, and her having to live under a disguise adds a compelling layer of intrigue to her dynamics with others.

Her initial reaction to SpaceGodzilla visiting her is predictable, seeing as the last time they were in the same room, a massive brawl broke out. The concept of Xenilla as a schemer, and that he already has Mothra in check by knowing that he can extract what he needs from her, is finely done.

Tarb shows us the first time that Mothra encountered SpaceGodzilla. Apparently the humans breached the protection spells around her home island, allowing the rest of the mutant faction to sense the Mana stream that flows through it. She arrives in time to see the vile forces run into a Godzilla-like monster. While I think the established rules on monsters being able to sense one another would have alerted her, I get why Tarb wanted to reveal him to her the way he did.

SpaceGodzilla takes on a squad of vicious killers, Gaira, Zedus, Krystalakk, Megaguirus, Jiger, Dagahra, Zigra, Agon, and Barugaron, a pretty sizable faction by itself, with some formidable skillsets.

All that accounted for, I do still think that Xenilla has the power to take them on, not only could one attribute Godzilla’s strengths to him, but a number of other abilities that can reach an opponent before they even get close.

Only a few monsters could boast of being able to stand up to forces like that, SpaceGodzilla is one of them.

Among what is actually a very dynamic fight, I think it’s pretty cool to see monsters from different places brought together. So far, all the Kaijuverse characters we’ve been dealing with are from Godzilla’s movie canon, plus of course the Gyaos who are the big mainstays of the Gamera canon, so there’s not a big stretch there.

And the double choke slam to Gaira and Zedus was great to see.

After a fierce battle, and Xen finds himself at the bottom of a Kaiju beat down, Destoroyah makes her entrance and goes about being the resident unstoppable force.

When all the dust settles, the mutations are sent scrambling off to lick their wounds, Destoroyah back to her own devices, and Xenilla stands tall. He also reveals that he has protected the Shobijin the entire time shielding them from danger in a crystal pouch.

So now that Xenilla and Mothra have an understanding, I have to assume he’s going to ask her about the visions he’s been having, since she has access to all the memory of her antecedents. This it seems, is how Xenilla and the others are going to get Bagan on the mind, and hopefully start to get the two strands of the story coming together.

Back on the train to Canterlot, Xenilla explains to Blade dancer that he’s not the hero that Earth wants, he’s the hero that Terra needs.

Xenilla turns out, has been making himself the villain, the hammer used to beat Godzilla into the stronger, tougher hero that’s required to keep Earth safe from the big bads who threaten it all the time.

This I think is a novel motivation, one that has only been done a few times. I say that because it’s kind of a perilous motivation for an antagonist, one that betrays that the villain isn’t actually evil, and perhaps isn’t the danger that they are initially presented as. Now I think Xen is in a unique position to be this kind of antagonist, being a brother, the partial clone of his parent, and probably the most cerebral of the Kaiju involved.

Which begs a few questions for me; since Destoroyah knows what he’s really up to, why is she on his side? What does she think she can gain by aligning herself with him?  And if Xen has access to a small army of his own, isn’t he arguably the more powerful faction on Terra? If so, then what are the real power dynamics?

Returned as we are to the undeniable chemistry of Xen and Blade Dancer. In a scene that’s supposed to be about his admitting to himself that he does what he does out of familial love, brotherly love and love for Earth, for me, I’m still more interested in how this affects things between them.

Xenilla continues to be an emotional labyrinth, filled with inner turmoil, self flagellation, and a reluctant desire to be a useful brother to Junior. This of course is sweet, sweet ambrosia to Blade Dancer, who drinks it up, and further endears Xen to her. There’s something about the ‘fixer-upper’ guys women just can’t resist.

The ‘next time’ blurb, mentions Bagan sending in a queen to recruit local help. My money, is on Legion and Chrysalis.

In summation, this was one of the best constructed chapters in recent memory. The visits to different characters, the back and forth in the timeline, and the little battle scene contribute to what might otherwise be a filler chapter, and turn it into a fine example of Tarb’s skill as a writer.

Sure it’s filled with inner and interpersonal drama, and might seem more at place on a daytime soap, or on Arrow. But the evolution of Junior and Xen’s experiences in the world, really carry this chapter. Anguirus’ flashbacks provide some needed exposition in the general history of the Godzilla’verse, and reveal him to be a hidden tragic figure not just in the grand scope, but among his friends.

We hadn’t spent much time with Godzilla, Mothra, Xenilla, and Anguirus in a while, and it was nice to see where they’re at, and be there for some pivotal moments in their journey.

Having conducted my analysis, my space-ape creators are satisfied. The Magnificent Machine is pleased with this chapter, so you will not be destroyed with finger missiles, and belly lasers. …. Today.

    Heatseeker's "Path of the Unforgiven" on FiMFiction & FanFiction

    Heatseeker's "Godzilla/Marvel Saga" + related Crossover on FanFiction & DeviantArt…

Just mulling over a few thoughts on upcoming writing projects, and figured I hadn't put up an update for a little bit

1) Currently working on WORLDS COLLIDE. Aiming to get to or past 300 pages before I take my next brake from it.

2) The next few chapters of "Path of the Unforgiven" are pretty much plotted, and I'm very eager to get the story rolling again, because there's so much in store down the road for Wanderlust!

3) Not sure when I'll get to the Pinky & The Brain/MLP crossover, but I'll maybe get to it after I complete phase 1 of the Unforgiven saga.

4) I've decided that the first of my Universal Monsters stories will be The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and will take place in and during the Vietnam War. It will be explicit, and for mature readers only, due to the nature of the setting.

5) My next two expository works, will be an in-universe profile on G-Force, for my Godzilla-verse precursor series. The other, will be about the reoccurring characters in my different stories.

6) Still deciding which Godzilla/Marvel saga story I want to tackle after WORLDS COLLIDE, either the direct prequel, or the sequel. Either way, I will also be working on "Ultron Imperative: DESTROY ALL MONSTERS" Which you guys likely won't see for another 2-3 years.

7) Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm..... I think that's it for now,

    Let me know what you guys think, what questions you have, or any suggestions you think I'd like.

~Crush 'em.

After the latest episode came out, I had chance to come across some reviews of it from various persons. I'm not going to name anyone, but it seemed that a good portion to most, didn't like the episode all that much.

Gotta say guys, I think you're really wrong on this one.

I though the episode was great as a matter of fact, one of Rainbow's top ones to date. I am a firm believer that while Twilight is the main character, Rainbow Dash is the actual star of the show.

Seeing her finally become an actual, no bullshit Wonderbolt is something we've waited to see since the beginning, her foalhood dream come true. And I have to say that I was remarkably impressed by how they pulled it off.

For a pony who is known for her ego, and desire for attention, this was very much an episode about her maturing. No longer cold she rely on being a standout among her peers, because now she was among equals, if not betters. So like a lot of young people when they leave High School and go to college, or the military, or right into the work force, she learned that part of growing up, is that whatever talent you have, there's probably a bunch of others who are great at it too, if not superior. "So you think your fast Dash? welcome to the fastest fliers in the continent. Hope you can keep up."

In addition to putting aside her pride, she also has to learn to be a part of a team. She's been used to being a stand-out for her whole life, so of course it's very difficult for her to truly understand that being a Wonderbolt means working in tandem, playing a part of a bigger play, learning how to stay in her lane.  

Since she's the newbie, she had to deal with the fact that she now had to start at square one, bottom of the totem pole, greenhorn, rookie. And that while her previous accomplishments are appreciated, she pretty much has to make her bones all over again. She earned the privilege of getting the call-up, now she has to earn the right to stay.

I also really liked how they brought her sore-spot full-circle. For her whole life the nick-name 'Crash' haunted her as a painful reminder that as awesome as she is, she is not invincible, she can and will screw-up some times. So she goes the length of the episode being very upset that her detested moniker has risen once again, but in her haste and ignorance, she doesn't see the true hand at work.

When as a foal she was called Crash, it was an emblem of being separated from the others, something that made her less in their eyes. Now among the Wonderbolts, it's completely reversed. As someone who has spent the last 15 years of life on teams of one sort or another with other men, I understood instantly what had occurred when they labeled her, and I went the whole show just shaking my head at her inexperience.

The nickname 'Crash' is now something that bonds her to her teammates, instead of separating. Something that elevates her closer to equal standing to the others, not diminishing. It transformed from being a stain on her pride, to being a badge of honor.

But to get into the more fun stuff, I loved the sequence where she tries on the different personalities of her friends. And I thought it was very impressive the way they pulled off her impressions. It was nice to see Rainbow be forced out of her comfort zone like this, and pushed to try some new approaches. I was especially amused when she tried on Applejack, since it must have been a feat for Ashleigh Ball to try and do one of her voices try and imitate another! What a trick!

I also thought it was a nice play on Rainbow's surprising attention to detail the way she was able to imitate her friends mannerisms.

And I will admit, I thought she looked beautiful when she did Rarity. I don't know if it was the hair, the suit she had on, or the fact that we finally got to see the tomboy flirt, but man, she was a vision! Which I think plays into her hidden talents beside being an obnoxious braggart, speedster, and procrastinator, they way we got to see more of Rainbow Dash's personality at play.

And while I am firmly in the Soarin-Dash camp, I was chagrined again to see an otherwise likeable male character portrayed like a fool. Don't tell me it's that way because the show is aimed at girls, because then you're justifying that they give young girls inaccurate, of not insulting examples of how men and boys are. Why can't they just give us one male who reflects the brothers and fathers their target audience have in their actual lives? With all the other beta-male, r-selected, incompetent, or evil examples they have, why can't Soarin have a competent portrayal? As a member of an elite corps, you'd think that he'd be smart, brave, conscientious, experienced, and highly capable. All great things to show girls about the masculinity of males. Shining Armor gets cucked-out all the time to his sister, so why can't we just have one? I also think it would be good for Rainbow, it would continue to develop her maturity.

So my gripe about the general portrayal of males in the show aside, I though this was one of the more memorable RD installments, like 'Tanks for the Memories' in season 5. She entered a new phase of her life, one where she transfers from the glory of standing out, to the connection and belonging of being part of something greater. And no, not a connection based on an otherwise absurd importance in a magical round-table, that she just happened to be a part of. This one was based on merit, that she had to work and achieve to be a part of this group. Instead of some vehicle of destiny, Rainbow made this one happen, on her own strengths, by her own determination, her own journey.

So while it may be a fateful honor to be a magical avatar, I think her achievement as a Wonderbolt is actually far more rewarding.

Another reason, why Rainbow Dash is the star of the show.

~Crush 'Em

As you can tell by the clips, I made this several years ago, before the 1st Avengers movie came out. I'm not going to bother finishing it, but I just might make a new one, since we've got so much new footage to work with, and better quality movie files as well.
For the record, here are a few people I have in mind when thinking of some ponies dialog for The Unforgiven.

Wanderlust- Brian Bedford as Robin Hood

Prince Æclypse the Valiant - Michael Fassbender as Stelios

Luna- Eva Green as Artemisia

Wiglaf- Ray Winstone as Beowulf

Evil King Sombra - Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes
  So, here I am, slaving away at either my Godzilla/Marvel saga, or my MLP fic, The Unforgiven. And it's been years since I dabbled in any of my other writing projects. So I've decided that perhaps I should get back into my non-main Godzilla/Marvel/MLP work sometime this year.

 Some of my other stories:

 Killer Instinct - A pair of outlaws recruit a young college sophomore into their life of motorcycle borne highway robbery, warfare with rival criminals, and evasion of a ruthless and uncompromising FBI agent.

Into the Forest - A young man searches for the truth of his nation's history in the green wilds of Wales. Can he locate a figure from his people's mythology to help him unlock the secrets of mysterious origins?

Baine of Existence (Tentative Title) - Set in a fantasy world of demon monsters, dragon warriors, assassins, and war. This one follows several children of powerful families in their journey, training, and harrowing escapes. All the while a demonic emperor connives to conquer the land, and unleashes the forces of darkness to kill and sabotage those who would stand in his way.

F.O.B. of the Dead - My take on a zombie outbreak. Set in the wilds of Afghanistan, several Taliban fighters break into a suspiciously inactive US military camp, where they discover a horror that not even Allah can save them from.

Wrath of the Ingagi - A prequel to the Baine story, it tells of the origin of two featured assassins, how they rose in the ranks of their clan, and became the most feared killers in the world.

The Rise and Fall, of Charlie Phoenix - An aspiring pro wrestler navigates the hardships and backstage drama of chasing his dream. But success pushes him farther and faster than he can handle.

Proving Grounds - An upstart wrestling promotion goes toe-to-toe with the big leagues, and sets the stage for an epic showdown.


  ADC Chronicles - A series that travels through the last 200 years, as the American Defense Corps goes around the word fighting monsters and all manner of nasty beasts from legend.

ALL HAIL IRON MAN - Tired of watching the world spiral into chaos despite the best efforts of the heroes, Tony Stark decides to take matters into his own hands, and conquers the world to keep it safe. And whether your a civilian, a hero, or a villain, you'd better get with the program, or bad things happen.

 Also, a semi-connected series of stories about my origin of the Universal Monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, Creature From Black Lagoon, the Wolfman.

  A shorter story about a town plagued by a swarm of monkey-sized winged vampire-creatures.

  But of course, I will be fulfilling my obligations to the G/M Saga, and The Unforgiven. I plan to use a series of precursor stories to fill the gap after I finish WORLDS COLLIDE, and go to work on Ultron Imperative: DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, and write-up the 2nd draft of the main-line G/M Saga prequel.

  I'll be busy for the foreseeable future.

  Made it back in 2010, as you can tell.