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The world around him was burning. Everything smelled and tasted of death.

Opening his eyes painfully, at first all Thor could make out was a landscape of fire and desolation. Bracing his hand into a layer of ash, he pushed himself off the ground, tiny flecks of delicate black dust swirling in the disturbed air. The wind picked up his hair and blew it about his face, howling and hot, it carried embers past him and off into the distance. He looked out to see a formerly lush and vibrant jungle now reduced to a barren alien wasteland.

“By the gods…..”

Swaths of trees were either still on fire or glowing with the light of the cinders. Around him the land was scorched, like the slope of a volcano it more closely resembled the terrain of Mars than an Earth habitat. The smoke reached into the sky and blotted out the sun, sinister dark clouds stretching out for miles. There was no moisture in the air, and Thor spit the tainted saliva from his mouth to rid himself of the vile taste.

Raising himself to a knee, he took stock of the forsaken vista.
“Not until the days of Ragnarök did I ever expect to gaze upon such ruin. It is not unlike the plains of Svartelfheim, whereupon the breath of life cannot survive. Verily this golden drake would match even the likes of the terrible Surtur.”

Getting to his feet, Thor cranked his neck from side to side and inhaled a long therapeutic breath.
“Whatever this behemoth be…” Reaching out his hand, the mighty hammer Mjolnir flung itself into his grip accompanied by the sound of distant thunder.
“It shall give forth a battle worthy of the son of Odin.”

The streets of the Wakandan capitol were filled with screams and fire. Thousands fled from one corner of the city to another, frantically seeking for any avenue of escape, but wherever they went they discovered themselves trapped. Mothers held their children to their breast as they sobbed, the men shuddered and shrunk away from the mysterious pulsating barrier that encircled their civilization. Wicked black tentacles lashed out at any who dared come too close, and not even the Vibranium of their weapons were able to pierce the living cage.

No matter where they ran however, no matter where they tried to hide, they could not escape the ever-present glare of the eyes in the sky. Looming over them, six glowing red eyes watched unblinking over the chaos. None of the humans understood what the creature wanted from them, it merely stood over them, erecting its alien dome for some reason yet undiscovered.

Hovering in the limited airspace, the Queen of Wakanda, Ororo tried to summon the wrath of the thunderstorm to no avail. Her connection to the world outside was cut off, and any aid she sought from lightning and tempest was denied.

In the royal quarters, King T’Challa oversaw the continued effort of the city’s remaining cannons to break through the barrier. The others had been obliterated by the several strafes of the invader’s bolts, ripping chunks out of Wakanda. Flashes of lavender light illuminated the city before shattering against the impenetrable dermis.

So while they struggled, cowered, and cursed, they all shared one common emotion, a single virus that had spread among them faster than any biological contagion could hope to match. A germ that tore down defenses and stripped even the bravest of resolve, terror.

The celestial serial killer, the destroyer of worlds and enemy of all life King Ghidorah watched their activity with emotionless clarity. In his immortal approximation of life, incalculable numbers of living beings had been exterminated by his will, wiped from existence as if they and their planet had never been. This was his nature, annihilation the meaning of every cell in his body.

And now his will was bent on this world, another insignificant speak of rock in a universe almost as old as him. It would bore him if not for the ceaseless drive to kill one thing after another. The dome as a means was a vestigial feature of his race, something that once served a purpose, but one he long ago surpassed. Still, whatever infinitesimal trace of joy he could feel could be derived from their mortal terror, like smelling a flower.

Ghidorah could sense that this was a different world that his own, with powers and entities out in the realms of space unfamiliar to him. It was a feeling he did not like, but one that he would rectify in time. There was also the curious presence of a small number of known entities on this planet. Something has been interfering with their worlds, meddling in the course of events. It was the reason he was snatched while in his incubation and thrust into this universe against his will.

But such matters concerned him little, for now, the malice in his spirit yearned to unleash destruction and cataclysm. His eyes began to glow with crimson lust, preparing to inflict some cruelty on the population. At his back, a crack of thunder split the sky, breaking apart the toxic fumes of the burning forest, bolts of lightning raining down to strike the ground.

This was not a natural storm, and Ghidorah turned his left head around to inspect the phenomena. The last time he had been confronted by a being who controlled such powers, it had resulted in his defeat at the hands of the multi-colored guardian.

Peering through the maelstrom, the planet killer saw the architect of the contrived thunder, the same little being it had encountered upon his release.

With arcs of lightning surrounding him, Thor hovered in the air, his cape whipping against the wind. He wore a grim countenance, for he knew that the fate of Midgard was at stake.
“Thou vile fiend hast chosen the wrong world to bear thy evil upon, for Midgard is under my protection, and thou art not welcome here.”

Windmilling his hammer, Thor shot towards the space monster.

Rare, was the case wherein a native being actually attempted to combat King Ghidorah, some quality about this planet, an alternate version of the other, continually produced those who could defy him. The one spot in the vast cosmos that had stubbornly rebelled against oblivion. With the vision of this tiny creature sailing in his direction, a rose of hatred bloomed under the golden scales, and the single head unleashed a bolt of gravitic force.

The bolt was met by Mjolnir, and was battered aside with a swing.

Ghidorah had been surprised a few times in his existence, but never, not once, had the gravity bolts ever been deflected. The dragon’s shock was sufficient that it allowed Thor to get within striking distance.

With a boom that rivaled the eruption of a volcano, Mjolnir struck Ghidorah’s snout, sending sparks and electricity in every direction. The head was thrown back from the blow, like a ball on a limp tether.

“Have at thee beast!”

Turning, Ghidorah fixed its other two heads on Thor, red eyes narrowing on the Asgardian. Raising Mjolnir above his head, Thor hurled the hammer down to the broad breast of the monster, where it clanged off a golden scale before being pulled back to its master.

Ghidorah glanced down to where it had been hit, all three heads now focusing on the suicidally brave prince of thunder.

“I see thy armor stands well ‘gainst the might of Mjolnir.” Thor muttered as he caught his weapon. “Then I shall put thy fortitude to the test.”

Thor held the hammer aloft, the storm in the sky gathering and roiling, the occurrence of lighting intensifying. Like a war drum beating, the thunder rang out louder and louder, a show of power.

Unimpressed, King Ghidorah flexed his wings backwards, and began flapping. Suddenly the landscape changed from a lifeless wasteland, into the epicenter of a hurricane. With every casual motion the earth was scraped bare, a wave of debris washing over everything in its path.

But Thor remained unmoved, having shouldered through much more tumultuous squalls than this on a dozen worlds. He leveled Mjolnir at his foe, and a throng of lightning bolts joined together to form a single torrent of white fury, streaking and stabbing through the wind to assail the golden alien.

The attack struck harmlessly against Ghidorah, diffusing in a flare of sparks. Retaliation was swift, and a trio of wild gravity bolts were unleashed that ripped the ground apart and entwined the Avenger.

Thor managed to dodge the matrix for a few seconds, but one did hit home. Mjolnir was enveloped, and its weight increased by orders of magnitude within a heartbeat. The struggle to maintain his grip opened Thor’s defense, and another bolt plowed into his chest.

The reaction was an explosion, the Asgardian’s molecules fighting off the bolts attempt to send them flying apart. The conflicting forces canceled each other out, and the energy was manifested in a violent expulsion. Pain, pain surpassing anything Thor had ever felt before coursed through his body as every fiber of his tissue resisted being separated. He fell from the sky, pitched and tossed in the maelstrom until he slammed into the ground. The agony was over as fast at it had come, but still the psychological whiplash prevented Thor from doing more than thrashing in place.

Ghidorah stepped forward, intent on finishing off his enemy by crushing him underfoot.

Thor broke out of the craze just in time to see the shadow move over him, and he swung Mjolnir out to the side to carry him out of harm’s way. Skidding through exposed rocks and rubble, Thor glared up to the heads as they appeared to sway amidst the clouds. Ghidorah towered over the landscape, so tall he might as well have been the only thing standing for miles. The red eyes peered down at him, beacons atop a living mountain.

“This beast is unlike any I have fought before.” He said with a mix of shock and uncertainty. “But I know that my fate is set in the days of Ragnarok. However powerful this thing may be, it will not be the purveyor of my demise.”

Ghidorah uttered a menacing cackle, the dichotomy between the combatants clear to both of them. Thor stood, mustering his strength, a prince of thunder against the king of terror.  

Inside the imprisoned city of Wakanda, Strom stared hard at the translucent window at the apex of the dome, where she could see through to the sky.
Something must be diverting the creature’s attention. She thought to herself. I can feel my connection to nature strengthening.

“T’Challa!” She said into her earpiece connecting her to her husband, “Order the cannons to focus their fire on the top of the dome! It’s been weakened!”

In the control center, with dozens of men and women hurrying around to maintain control of the disorder, Black Panther gave the command to alter the trajectory of the cannon fire.

In the several parts of the city, energy weapons twenty meters long shifted in their positions, the Vibranium engines charging up for another volley. They fired in concert, all their lavender projections meeting at the top of the dome where the extraterrestrial construct convulsed upon impact. Ripples from the point of contact betrayed the structural weakness, and Storm grinned.
“It’s working my king!”

She reached out to the sky above, sensing the flow of ozone and wind responding to her will.
“Forces of nature and creation! Answer my call!”

From above the cerulean bubble, the clouds swirled and flashed, cold air mixing with warm to create a vortex.

“That’s it!” Storm called out.

First pellets, then larger bits of hail began to shoot out from the vortex, channeled and directed by the growing funnel. Dozens of chunks of ice battering the dome from the outside every second, each passing moment bringing heavier and heavier missiles.

The events did not go unnoticed, Ghidorah’s center head turned to see the weather weapon, sensing that his trap was being weakened in the absence of his continued effort to reinforce it. His eyes flashed with a surge of willpower.

A small breach had been created at the very apex of the dome, and Storm did not waste the opportunity.
“I shall contact the others for help and return!”

“Waste no time my love!” T’Challa called out with no attempt to mask his anxiety. “Thor cannot fight that thing forever!”

Slipping through the opening, Storm had just made it out when the gap resealed behind her. She gasped, realizing how narrow her chance for escape had been. When she turned her attention to the land surrounding Wakanda however, she could nothing but stare breathlessly.

Storm gazed out at the complete and utter desolation of her adopted homeland. While the city had remained largely protected in the bubble, the surrounding jungle had been reduced to total wretched devastation. Not a hint of green existed until the horizon, columns of smoke rising from the ground birthed from burning pits.

Not even during the persecution of mutants did she witness such a horrible sight. The turmoil of the internment camps was nothing in comparison. Rage swelled in her heart, and she wished she had a legion of Sentinel automatons to fight for Wakanda.

A crack of thunder preceded an object streaking through the air like a meteor, and collide with the snout of Ghidorah’s left head. Storm squinted to see, but Thor was no bigger than a gnat in comparison to the monster. The head lashed out with a bite, but the Avenger was too nimble for the enormous mouth.

“The thundered is in need of aid.” She growled, “And I shall give it!” Raising her hands to the sky, the storm above spread out, errant winds and tornado funnels churning into existence. Her eyes illuminated pure white and her face contorted in a grimace of hatred, a single-minded dedication to seeing this leviathan slain.

King Ghidorah felt the powers emanating from this new entrant, but like the first, it had faced opponents of similar abilities before. While they generated no trace of a threat, their resistance was becoming bothersome. With Thor moving and striking around him like a wasp, Ghidorah decided it was time to stop playing with his food.

Levitating itself off the ground, the planet killer ascended into the clouds, loosing its bolts to savage everything in sight. A cyclone tried to envelope him, but the counter-current from his wings broke the funnel in half. Arcs of lightning struck Ghidorah like a swarm of angry bees, but he minded them not, continuing upwards into the heart of the turbulent atmosphere.

Again and again Thor stuck against the golden scales. Attacking the most obvious vulnerable points, the open mouths, proved too dangerous as they spat out the torturous bolts whenever he got close.

Storm continued to throw the fury of nature at Ghidorah, using side-swiping cyclones to keep it off balance.

In return, the claws on Ghidorah’s wings cast out crimson streaks of burning energy.

The war raged into the sky, Thor and Storm battling heroically against the interstellar demon, Ghidorah snapping and trying to obliterate them with his rays. But a new thought then entered the monster’s mind, something to bypass fighting them himself. Searching around, Ghidorah’s center head found Storm, and focused his mind on her. His eyes flashed with a red pulse.

She was unprepared for the type of assault that hit her, and Storm fell from the sky, screaming bloody murder.

“STORM!” Thor yelled, abandoning his attack to dive-bomb for the unconscious woman. Catching her in his arms, he looked down to see her eyes rolled back in her head as it hung limply off his bicep.
“The dragon wields some baleful unseen power, he has-”

Suddenly Storm’s head curled upwards, her face pulled back in a snarl, the whites of her eyes replaced by vermillion. Before Thor could protect himself, lightning connected to her hands shocking him through the back and out the chest.

“NNAAAAAHHHH!” He screamed as she palmed his face, trying to dig her nails into his bulletproof flesh. Thor managed to reach through the pain and pry her hand off his face, only for her to lunge forward and bite his throat. Furiously she gnawed and chewed, but her teeth could not penetrate.

He pushed her away, and the two squared off.

“Heed me friend Ororo!” Thor said to her, on his guard but keeping his forward hand open. “You must fight-off this murderous spell! You must not let it control your mind!”

“There can be only death, thunderer!” She called back, spittle flying as she spoke in a growling voice. “The end of this world has arrived, and he does not abide the interference of insignificant mortals as you and I!”

“I do not wish to fight you Storm, but the fate of Midgard hangs in the balance!”
Surging forward hammer-first, Thor tackled Storm out of the air, pinning her arms to her sides. She struggled against his strength, but could do nothing to resist his grip. With a feral scream, she summoned a gale of wind from underneath them that sent both tumbling upwards.

Satisfied that the slight opposition was occupied, King Ghidorah once again turned its attention to Wakanda. Plunging downwards, the planet killer filled the skies with its cackle.

On the ground, the citizenry was despondent. The repeating cannonade of the city guns had resulted in no more success after the escape of Queen Ororo, the barrier absorbing every shot. Hundreds cried out to their gods for salvation, the sounds of their lamentations a cacophony of the damned. One man, striding out onto the roof of his home, bore a dagger and cut its edge into his flesh to draw blood. He ambled as if in a daze, cheeks covered in the trails of his tears. Looking to the heavens for some sign of their presence, the man pleading with forces beyond his perception in hopes to satiate them.
“Is this what you require, gods of mine? Will you not take my life in exchange for my wife and child?”

The entire landscape shuddered with a tremendous quake, and the obscured motion of something enormous beyond the dome’s skin alerted them all to the return of the alien creature. Indeed, the glow of its crimson eyes sent many into a new fit of terrified hysteria.

   Thinking that no deliverance from their gods or champions was coming, more than a few persons decided that a quick death would be preferable to whatever unimaginable horror awaited them at the whim of this nightmare. Those who lined the streets found themselves assailed by those who chose to plunge headlong to a fate of their own making from the rooftops of the city.

   Watching all of this in impotent shock, T’Challa stared open mouthed at the evisceration of his kingdom. Wakanda was tearing itself apart under the thrall of this alien, the guard unable to maintain order. Groups of armed men tried to rush the wall, braving the danger of the black lashes, but were turned back after each charge.

   His royal bodyguard, the Dora Milaje, made their stand in the chamber, ready to face any threat to their king that dared come their way. With the rest of the city given to chaos, the private sanctum had become the last redoubt.

   Black Panther broke away from the sight of disaster. “I must go out there, I must be among my people to offer them hope.”

   “I would not recommend that my king.” Said the senior of the troop. “They are in such a state, that I not know what reaction they might have to see you.”

   T’Challa waved off her warning. “I will not shelter myself away while my kingdom descends into madness. If this is how Wakanda is to perish, then I will perish with it!”
He pushed his way through the women, and when one tried to restrain him, he wrestled out of her grip and put her body between himself and the others. Giving one last thought towards putting on the Panther mask, he decided against it, choosing to be among his people with his own face.

   High above the new African wasteland, Thor and Storm were still embraced as they twisted through the clouds. The longer she was enthralled to Ghidorah’s murderous will, the more her mind deteriorated into animalistic fury. Thor could only look at her with pity.
“The demon’s hold is too strong for mortal minds, she is lost unless I can put an end to the creature itself!”

   Transitioning her around to face away from him, Thor carefully wrapped his arm around her neck. Though she struggled and clawed, she swiftly began to lose consciousness. Within a few seconds, her body relaxed and rested limply against his chest.
  “Rest peacefully friend Ororo, and perhaps when you awaken, your land will be purged of this fell beast.”
    Holding her like a slumbering child, he carried her down to the nearest hilltop, that was by now merely a barren mound raised higher above the rest of the landscape.
   “I’m sorry I cannot ferry you to better care in this moment. For now, let this once beautiful land provide you a cradle.”
    Raising Mjolnir, Thor smashed it into the ground, carving out a narrow crater in a single blow. He lay her in the hollow, wrapping her cloak around her both for warmth and the dignity befitting her person.

    A wave of haunting grey dust blew through on the wind, causing Thor’s mane to rustle about his face and neck as he stood. He looked to the west, where the mountainous figure of the golden dragon loomed large over the beleaguered city.
  “For battle is my great love, and ever does she shine her affection upon me.”

   Peering through the bio-dome, Ghidorah watched the tiny beings, the stench of their terror filling his nostrils. He watched them crowd around one in particular, swarming over so fast and deep it was hard to tell if they were seeking aid or trying to tear them apart.

   So unconcerned with his surroundings was Ghidorah, that he never noticed the figure hovering over him.


   At once, a trio of lightning bolts struck the back of Ghidorah’s heads, eliciting a sharp cry from the monster. A clap of thunder roaring in the heavens, Thor spun his hammer to wield the forces of nature.
“Feel Mjolnir’s sting, beast!”

  King Ghidorah turned in a rage, his jaws snapping in wild frenzy, casting a series of golden streaks in every direction.

  “I command thee to heel!”  
  Tossing Mjolnir away from him with a casual flick of the wrist, the Uru-forged weapon dropped down to land on Ghidorah’s center snout, right between the eyes. The result wasn’t instant, but a sudden weight compelled Monster Zero to lower his head jerkily. The peripheral heads squawked in surprise when the middle was finally driven to the ground, dragging Ghidorah’s whole body with it.

  The space monster was apoplectic, writing on the ground trying to free itself from the burden of the object smaller than the slit of its eye.

“It appears thou art not worthy.” Thor remarked.

  Taking advantage of his opponents disposition, he zoomed over to the vile encasement that held Wakanda captive. Coming at it full bore, Thor slammed his shoulder into the side of the thing, trying to break through it. Impacting with a soft THUD, his efforts resulted in little more than a temporary indent that filled back out within moments.

“This wretched construct has a nature all its own, but it has contended not with the will of Thor!”

Driving his fists into the same spot, Odinson pounded the material with blows that could knock cars flying. Over and over the assault continued, and at last a fissure began to spread. With a single focused punch, he opened the crack enough to dig his hands on either side. Before it could close, he thrust his fingers inside and strained his muscles to pry the two sides apart.

“Look!” The citizens cried, spotting the spot in the dome opening up. Hundreds around the city pointed to sky, praying that someone had finally come to their rescue.

King T’Challa, surrounded by the throngs of his subjects peered intently at the growing split. He knew right away that it could not be his wife that was up there. His chest became tight, vision blurred at the edges thinking that his beloved had fallen in battle to this alien fiend.
“Gods of Wakanda, please return my wife to me…

Like a floundering fish, King Ghidorah thrashed on the ground, infuriated and confounded under the restraint of Mjolnir. The center head growled and frothed between its clenched teeth, unable to open its mouth. No matter what the monster tried, it could lift every other part of its body except this one. It had never encountered a situation like this before, but that did not mean there was no recourse.

Acting in concert, the two other heads unleashed their golden bolts on the Asgardian weapon in an effort to use gravity against enchantment. Slowly and concertedly the molecules surrounding Mjolnir pushed away from each other, the ones around the hammer becoming lighter and lighter. While the All-Father’s enchantment remained, the directed forces of nature served to undermine the spell and lift the weight.

Its head freed, Ghidorah slipped out from underneath and let the hammer fall to the ground. Crying out, he turned his wrathful six eyes towards the insignificant speck that had dared contest him.

“Only a bit more…” Thor said to himself in a strain, feeling the strange creation of the dome’s skin giving way to his strength. “If the glaciers of Jotunheim can be moved by my hand, then…”

The shrieks of the monster drew his attention, and he turned to see the golden beast rising into the sky.

“By some spell or feat, it has overcome Mjolnir’s magic, ‘Tis more than just a savage brute that could achieve thus.”
“Mjolnir, TO ME!” Reaching out his hand, Thor waited for his companion to rejoin him.

In the sky, bolts of gravitic lightning rained down on the countryside, ripping and tearing, churning the land into a vista of warfare between two grand forces. Spying the bold champion down below, Ghidorah’s malice found a focal point, and the wrath of one god was aimed at another.

The left head sent a bolt racing down to the prince of Asgard, warping the atmosphere around as it jabbed through the air. Just as it was about to hit, Mjolnir came into the hand of Thor, and smashed aside the golden lance.

Another bolt from the right head was fired, and it too was deflected with a roar of combat.

“You will not find the Son of Odin to suffer your slings so easily!” Leaping outward, Thor flung himself directly into a collision course with the cosmic killer, hammer first.

The center head unleashed its own bolt, which struck Mjolnir directly. A huge flare of light and wave of energy erupted from the epicenter of the clash with the intensity of a sonic boom. The glare reflected in Ghidorah’s eye as it peered through the flash.

Surging forward despite the explosion, Thor soared straight for the center head. Ghidorah failed to consider the idea of recoiling, not thinking that anything this tiny speak could do would hurt it.

When Mjolnir struck Ghidorah’s snout, coinciding with a column of lightning, it echoed out as if a massive gong had been rung. The middle-head reeled from the blow, the other ones looking on with hatred and snarling.

Thor acted without wasting a second, grabbing onto a wrinkle of scales between the eyes, he heaved with all his might to pull the beast backwards. Ghidorah’s skyscraping body tottered at an angle, being taken off-center by the Asgardian monster wrangler. Changing his flight path, Thor took the head steeply downward and to the side, wrapping the one neck around the stalk of another. Shrieking in confusion, Ghidorah at last lost balance when the side heads tried to snap their jaws at Thor, the motion pitching them too far over.

The monster squirmed like a pit of eels trying to untangle itself, while Thor broke away.

“Ha! If only the Warriors Three could witness such a battle! The halls of my father would never cease to tell the story!”

Regaining its bearings, Ghidorah’s heads fanned out to locate his foe, but growled at not being able to find him.

“Here I am!”

Standing atop the central head, Thor held Mjolnir with both hands above him, and brought it down with the thunderous crack. The head fell away underneath him, having gone limp temporarily. But it wasn’t a heartbeat before a pair of jaws closed around him.

Inside the mouth of Ghidorah’s left head was dark and hot, and Thor had to cover his nose to shield himself from the rancid stench of fetid saliva that dripped from the cavernous roof. The tongue shifted under his feet, curling back to bring him to the precipice of the esophagus and down into depths no living eyes have ever seen. He saw the sphincter stretch open to receive him, an empty void beyond the gateway.

“Though I may be a feast unlike any other, the only thing you shall taste is my lightning!”
Reaching up to grab a handful of the tongue’s harsh flesh, Thor extended Mjolnir before him.

The sky above them both spat forth an arc of nature’s fury that snaked downward and through the fangs of Ghidorah to connect with the Uru metal, but it failed to pass through the tongue first.

The head spasmed violently from the shock, its eyes wide with unfamiliar pain. After a few moments the head lolled lazily, drifting off to one side. Finally, the jaws were pried open as Thor pressed the upper and lower apart to stand between them like a pillar.

A golden bolt struck him in the side, the right head taking the chance when the more nimble opponent was vulnerable. Screaming in pain from the gravity bolts’ effort to rip him apart, Thor was blasted out of the mouth and sent hurtling into the air. Another projection hit him in the back, one that pinched the atoms closer together, and he felt like the weight of a planet was crushing down on him.

His body contracted, becoming denser and his velocity increased in relation, until he impacted the earth with the force of an artillery shell. Mjolnir rested beside him as he lay face-down in the dead soil, his cape scorched and tattered. For all his struggling, all it took to down him was a minimal effort of the dragon.
“Uhhhhhh…” Thor groaned, sliding his hands closer to push himself up.

Thor, Odinson, arise Odinson….”

The soft voice called out to him, whispering from nearby but yet, far away.

Rise to meet your fate, your destiny awaits.

The next breath Thor sucked in was not filled with acrid death, but rather the inviting sweetness of flowers, and the comforting warmness of a sunny afternoon. He felt his muscles relax, the pain in his body dissipate, and his mind become settled into a dreamlike haze.

A pair of hands reached over his shoulders, smooth as satin, like the embrace of a lover. They griped his chest and pulled him from the ground and set him on his knees. Opening his eyes, he saw himself back in the orchard of the golden apples, where Idunn grew the fruit that granted the gods their long life. All around him the trees gleamed and sparkled of the apples, each one precious to Asgard.

“How could I be here?” Thor asked aloud. “By what spell have I-”

Shhh, Thor.” The voice, now behind his ear calmed him. “Worry not, for you are safe now, you are home, you are where you belong.”

“I… I was in battle…” He tried to remember. “There was a great beast, and all the land was made a desolation.”

No longer your concern, brave prince. Now, you can rest and be at peace.” It seemed as if the lips were just barley about to caress him, but he could not yet bring himself to look around. “You have fought valiantly, but that time has ended. You have earned your reward.

An arm reached around him, slender, with skin as smooth and unblemished as the goddesses of love. In a graceful hand, was borne one of the golden apples, held in front of him for his taking.

Go on…. Take it…. Eat it…. It will soothe your cares.”

Reaching out, Thor slowly laid a hand on the apple, gazing at it transfixed. “But what of the monster? Whose scales were like unto this? Did I defeat it?”

The dragon does as it will… No longer your battle… Eat.”

Thor shook his head weakly, and looked away from the fruit. “But Midgard, the whole realm is still in danger! I must go back!”

You must rest Odinson, rest and be with me.” The other arm tightened its hold around his chest, fingernails digging in.

“No!” Thor yelled, pushing the apple from him and wrestling himself free of this woman’s hold. “I cannot sit idly by as all of Midgard and my allies are in such peril! Unhand me you-”

Turning to see who it was that tempted him, the free hand grabbed him by the throat and held him in place. He felt the warmth of the sun wash away to a cold chill, and the landscape faded into a wasteland of barren rocks and skies of endless smoke.

Looking over him was not Idunn, keeper of the golden apples, nor was it Lady Amora, the Enchantress who sought to make Thor her lover.

“Hela…” Thor gasped. Standing tall and not very pleased, she held him aloft at arm’s length.

“Whatever creature you were fighting has brought you to my threshold.” She told him with a cruel smirk. “Which means that I am on the verge of claiming your soul at long last.”

  “You shall never have my soul, death goddess!” He spat, struggling to free himself. “I yet live!”

  “That you do… for now.” Bending her arm, she brought him closer to her face. “But it is only a matter of time against this foe you face. Why go back only to die a brutal death, when I could give you peace right now? You’d only be losing but a few minutes of time anyway, this monster will the death of you.”

“Not while I yet draw breath Hela! Now release me!”

  She scoffed and tilted her face away from him. “As you wish.” Releasing her grip, Hela began to float away from Thor, as everything else around them turned to black.
“I’ll be seeing you very shortly.”

  Waking with a gasp of breath to fill his lungs, Thor opened his eyes to find himself back on the barren plains of Wakanda. He felt the wrist loop of Mjolnir around his hand, and he pulled on it to put the handle in his grip. Using the hammer as a crutch he pushed himself off the ground, the pain of Ghidorah’s beams having returned full force.
“I am beset on all sides by those who would consume me. But the blood of Thor still runs hot, and my strength wanes not. As long as Mjolnir swings by my hand and the thunder answers to my call, I will remain on the mortal plane and my soul within this flesh. Neither monster from beyond nor mistress of Helheim shall budge me from either.”

Standing to his feet, he craned his neck upward to see King Ghidorah lowering to the ground. Time itself slowed to a crawl watching the creature’s descent, its brilliant figure a singular spectacle against the backdrop of the dark skies. Never before in his travels among the nine realms did Thor remember encountering anything quite like this thing. Not until Ragnarök, when the likes of Fenris, Surtur, and Jormungandr are unleashed to wage war on the gods did Thor imagine such a savagely powerful foe.

Truly, there was nothing like this anywhere else in the branches of Yggdrasil. And when there was something out of place like this, something that did not belong, there was usually the same hand behind it.

Loki…  Thor said to himself. I shall have to see if my brother has anything to do with this.

Ghidorah’s foot was coming down, its shadow falling over Thor in a portent of the intent to crush him.

His hand tightened around Mjolnir’s handle, and he began to drop his arm, his shoulder, indeed he bent low the right side of his body, mustering his power for one shot. He gazed up towards his target, keen eyesight discerning the path of his throw.

“Methinks thou hast tread upon many a world. You may find this one unwelcoming.

Heaving Mjolnir forward, the mighty hammer left Thor’s grip and rocketed far past the speed of sound to its destination. It struck against the underside of Ghidorah’s right foot and pierced the alien tissue, bursting through the top amongst a spray of blood as black as pitch.

  The King of Terror had no time to react before the right head was struck on the rear of the jaw.

  Inside Wakanda, as T’Challa sat among his people in the center of the city, their attention snapped upwards when they heard the earsplitting crack from outside the dome. Dozens rose from their seats, hopeful, praying that it sounded the defeat of the dreaded creature.

  The head fell limp against Ghidorah’s chest, its jaw misaligned and a trickle of ebony ichor dripping from the mouth. The others turned on their triplet with a growl of bewilderment, appraising the fallen with curiosity.

Mjolnir, still flying, came to an abrupt stop and reversed course.

  While the remaining heads were distracted, Thor flew up to the left head, clutching himself to the side of its face like a cliffside. An iris taller than he was slid over to examine him.
  “Take a good look vile beast!”

  At the same moment Mjolnir was streaking on a straight path towards its masters hand, Thor drove his fist into Ghidorah’s eye just as the hammer penetrated the other. Red fluid gushed out of the wounds, the head throwing itself into a blinded frenzy. When Thor pulled his arm out of the monster, he beheld Mjolnir once more.

  “One more remains to be beaten.” He muttered. Casting the hammer before him, it carried Thor to where the center head cackled spitefully at him. It quickly unleashed a golden bolt to intercept him, but Mjolnir carved right through it. Ghidorah was too late to shut its mouth when Thor latched onto one of the frontal fangs, using a single hand to keep the jaws separate.

  A single swing and the front of Ghidorah’s maxilla was broken in the middle. A wild cry escaped when the planet killer recoiled from the blow, and with its mouth open, Thor wrapped an arm around the tongue.

  “I tire of your cries!” Jumping away Mjolnir first, he ripped the tongue out of Ghidorah’s head, a bleeding, jagged collection of muscle tissue spurting the alien lifeblood to dribble over the corners of its mouth. A sickly gurgle was all the monster could sound as the two flailing heads wailed.

  Dropping the several tons of flash aside, Thor curled his arm to look at his silent companion.
  “Ever does thy might serve me in the darkest of times. I ask you now not to fear the nameless pit I cast thee into.”

  Rearing back, a dozen or more lightning bolts connected to Mjolnir before Thor flung it into the center head’s mouth, and straight down its gullet, bringing with it a storm of heavenly wrath. Ghidorah staggered, the weight in its stomach distorting its balance. The center and left heads lashed out randomly with gravitic beams in every direction, one blinded, the other furious.

  Landing a thousand yards away, Thor put Ghidorah between himself and Wakanda. He reached out his hand. “To me Mjolnir.”

  The dragon loosed a sharp yelp as it felt its insides churning, Mjolnir fighting its way to escape through the most direct route, the back. Ghidorah slid back a few inches, fighting the pull of Asgardian magic he dug his claws into the ground, and used his own manipulation of gravity to counter it.

  With a grunt, Thor now put both hands forward, concentrating on the bond between him and Mjolnir.
“I’ll wrench my hammer from your hide!”

  Still defiant to the idea of being beaten by such an insignificant being, Ghidorah lurched forward with a cackle, overcoming the pain wracking its body. Mjolnir broke through the skin between golden scales, dislodging one in the process. It zoomed within a second to the hand of its bearer. Thor sneered as he shook off the black ichor.
“Is there nothing that will slay this creature?”

  A guttural rumble from the monster drew Thor attention back to the enemy that refused to fall. One head still dangling, another’s face covered in blood, the center bleeding in torrents from between its jaws. With a flap of his wings, Ghidorah was airborne, hovering just above the plain.

  In the distance, and to his surprise, Thor spied that the dome over Wakanda was fading.
“Its spell has been broken! Battle has weakened it!”

  Cheers went up in the city as they watched the walls around them dissipate. Many dropped to their hands and knees to thank their gods and champions, calling out in song and shout.

  T’Challa braced himself on the shoulders of the subjects that surrounded him, still gazing upwards for any sign of Ororo. But the cloudy night sky was all he saw.

  Thor and King Ghidorah glared at one another across the battlefield. The space titan has ceased its cries of pain, silently floating in place.

  “What are you thinking, I wonder?” Thor asked himself. “Perhaps I shall see for myself what passes through your mind when I split your skull.”

  The left head turned back towards Wakanda, and sent a gravity bolt into the heart of the city.

  “NO!” Thor exclaimed in shock. He made to move, but a bolt from the middle head tore away the ground in front of him. As he shielded himself, another strafe ripped through Wakanda. His Asgardian physiology granted him incredible hearing, and now his ears were filled with the cries of the people, their horror and their wailing.

   Again, Thor tried to get closer, and had to use Mjolnir to protect himself from the continued assault. His plan had backfired, and put him farther away from the city he was trying to save, and put the enemy between them.

  The attack paused long enough for Thor to look out from behind cover, to where a column of smoke rose from the once thriving city. This time, he remained still as the blind head somehow struck again, whole buildings obliterated in an instant.

  “The fiend only attacks me when I try to get to Wakanda.” He realized. “It dares me to come forward! The destruction of the city is but a lure, and I the catch!

  Ghidorah let out a mocking crow, goading Thor to try and get past him.

  “If this cruel demon challenges me to cross it, I shall not disappoint!” Launching himself towards the city, Thor was met by a golden bolt that clashed against Mjolnir. The blind head changed its focus and joined its own beam to the effort. Twin arcs of weaponized gravity slowed Thor’s progress to a grind, forcing him to slog it out a few feet at a time.

  “Try as you might villain, your power is no match for the champion of Midgard!” With renewed determination Thor pushed onward, bellowing his war-cry as he forced his way through.

  Concentrating on fending off the attack, he failed to notice the movement of the fallen head. Slowly, carefully it turned, keeping its long neck down so as not to give itself away, waiting for an opening to strike.

  Thor lifted Mjolnir above his head, ready to throw the bolts to the side when the third struck him in the stomach.
“AAAAHHH!!!” He screamed, doubling over.

  The three heads combined their gravity beams into a single stream, a whole greater than its parts.

  From the corner of his vision, Thor was able to see it coming and put his hammer up to block, but the collision was enough to press him to the ground. Muscles strained and willpower fortified as Thor held his weapon out, fighting an elemental force of nature that refused to be denied.

  To break the deadlock, Ghidorah’s wings channeled another of his powers, lavender energies flowed along the frame of his wings and sparked at the tips of the claws. Because this attack is derived from a different source than the gravity beams, and wasn’t as versatile, Ghidorah wasn’t as keen to employ it. However, it was useful in certain situations.

  At once, several bolts of the lavender force were projected from the wings, engulfing Thor in a catastrophic maelstrom that showered around him.

  Unlike the gravity bolts, these were developed to attack the nerves and neural systems of the body, stimulating the pain receptors to a capacity that would paralyze most Kaiju. Not even the mighty god of thunder was able to withstand the effects.

  His resistance faltered, and the gravity bolts spilled over the top of Mjolnir and struck Thor in the chest. Thrown back in a rut for a hundred feet, the bolts amplified his density to the point that he couldn’t raise his limbs off the ground. Ghidorah closed in, its blood falling to the ground and burning through the soil like acid to create jagged pits.

  Pinned to the earth supinely, gritting his teeth, Thor squinted his eyes against the coursing shaft of punishing light. He opened his hand, and Mjolnir dragged itself through the dirt towards him, slowed to a crawl by the gravity beam.

  Bit by bit the handle worked its way across his palm until at last it he was able to wrap his fingers around it. The plain was host to this fantastic display of hero versus monster, and bringing Mjolnir to his chest, Thor roared.

  It was all ended in a second when Ghidorah slammed down. Hundreds of thousands of tons, magnified by gravitational manipulation crushed Thor underfoot with an impact that registered on seismographs in Russia.

  Standing over his defeated foe at last, Ghidorah laughed its humorless cackle.
   The Battle of Beijing continues as the X-Men are joined by Mothra to fight the sinister cyborg Gigan to an explosive conclusion!

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