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Firstly, lets address the picture. As usual, the design is exquisite. I appreciate that you want to branch out into other fields, but y...

This was actually a very compelling little prologue. I've always been interested in the backstory of Equestria, and anything else that ...

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'No one told me he had telekinesis!' :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 1 0 Force choke! :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 5 3 Mankind can defend itself :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 4 0 Against such an alliance? :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 4 0 'Nah bro, I got this.' :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 3 0 'I'LL PEEL YOUR SOUL OUT OF THERE!' :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 4 0 'Break every bone'. :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 5 6
Godzilla/Marvel WORLDS COLLIDE Pt14-Beast's Gambit
Japan Self-Defense Forces

Dozens of military and civilian personnel went about busily in the central observation room. It was a Spartan work environment, virtually everything was grey or some dim shade of silver. The entrée of the room was the nearly floor-to-ceiling display monitor, which at the moment depicted a topographical map of Japan overlaid with grid sections. Moving back from there were two rows of monitor stations, long banks of computers with individual partitions for the uniformed staff.
Behind them were two similar stations side by side, but half the length, where four supervisors sat. Up on the dais in the rear of the room, was the U-shaped cadre table, the seats for which were reserved for department heads and the HUB commander. Between this and the wall were work stations for their aides, and a few glass maps in frames, different sections of Japan for strategic marking.
Henry McCoy, more
:iconrmc1618:RMC1618 1 1
Path of the Unforgiven 12(2/2) Windows to the Soul
“Now we are ready to sail for the horn.
Way, hey, roll an’ go.
Our boots and our clothes boys are all in the pawn.
Timme rollicking randy dandy-o.”

  Admittedly, back home in Thule I never had the unrestricted freedom that the open sea afforded me. Back there, the name Ultima Æclypse carried with it a heritage, a legend, obligations.
“Heave a pawl, oh, heave away,
Way, hey, roll an’ go.
The anchor’s on board an’ the cable’s all stored,
Timme rollicking randy dandy-o”

  The bow dipped as it crested up and over a wave, droplets of salt spray misting over my face. High winds whipped the surface like it was chasing after them, giving us a rocky go of it. As best we could discern by our charts, Honalee lay only a few days away.
“Soon we’ll be warping her out through the locks,
Way, hey, roll an’ go.
Where the pretty young mares all come down in their frocks,
:iconrmc1618:RMC1618 1 0
Path of the Unforgiven 12(1/2) Windows to the Soul
I awoke on the battlefield, my body exhausted and my spirit broken. Opening my eyes, I could scarce see anything through the moonlit dust, or fog, whatever haze it was that lay thick on the plain. I could see not but a few paces around me. The physical sensations of dirt in my mouth and the sprain in my back helped to orientate me to the present moment, ere I might have lain there for a day. My back legs responded to my will with just enough energy to bring the knees forward, at this I felt the need to rest a minute before daring another such taxing exertion.
Sliding my fore-hooves underneath me, I employed every muscle in my back and shoulders to heave my body skyward. Raising myself up to stand I gave my surroundings a proper look around, and saw about me only vague shapes outlined through the mist. My heart fell upon realizing what these shapes were.
Only days before had I met some of the ponies who now litter the field, brave and noble they had been. The enemy we
:iconrmc1618:RMC1618 1 0
Tales of the Unforgiven: Aeclypse-The Sellsword [1
The first time I ever saw a griffin, it tried to tear my throat out.
After my exile from Thule and Equestria, I wandered to the east coast of the continent, where I found passage to lands across the sea. I had taken with me a goodly portion of my personal treasure, and at the Northern Straits in the northwest corner of Equestria, it was not difficult to find a ferrymane willing to take me across.
“Come a long way to go nowhere.” He said to me as he took my coin. At the time there was not much by way of civilization that far north, save for scattered small settlements and homesteads on the fringes of habitable earth. Dressed as I was in a thick cloak that covered my body and hooded my head, I was hardly an out of sight thing to be found in this place.
“And I’ve got far longer to go.” Was my reply. We crossed the water in silence, brooding under my cloak through the mist that hovered thick above the surface. The Pegasus guided the boat through the fog by mem
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Getting Based on Twitter 2 :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 2 1 Getting Based on Twitter 1 :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 0 1 Pinkie Pie meme face base :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 2 0
Thulian Cosmology
Creation 1
“In the beginning, darkness covered the land, and the great beasts roamed freely.
In the beginning, light shone in the heavens, and the three great steeds were but twinkles far away.
At first the great steeds did not know of the land, and for many ages went on in darkness and coldness.
But when they at last discovered it, they desired to bring their light upon it.
The monsters of wrath shook the land with their battles, and war was upon the face of the earth.
For many ages thence, light and darkness struggled.
The three great steeds pushed back the darkness into the depths of the earth.
They saw the land was barren, and desired to bring forth life unto the earth.
First, Valkyrion created the rain, and brought forth rivers, lakes and oceans.
Sleipnir created the mountains and the valleys, and brought forth growing things.
Kerannus created a light in the sky, to shine upon their work and give warmth to living things.
Then, Sleipnir set the elements to form beings
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Let's do this America! :iconrmc1618:RMC1618 3 0


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The Bridge Fan Songs: Belvera's Songs to Battra
The Bridge Fan Songs: Belvera's Songs to Battra
Based off Mothra's Song from Godzilla and Mothra the Battle for Earth.
Battra's Song
Belvera: Battra oh Battra...
When Terra calls forth your wrath...
For this crime, for her blood, like a blaze...
You will come!
Her warrior angel!
Battra oh Battra..
When Terra calls forth your wrath...
For this crime, for her blood, like a blaze...
You will come!
Her warrior angel!
Marah* Battra:
Marah Marah Batora!
Laga* laga Batora!
Laban Guerra Labanan!
Laban Guerra Labanan!
Marah marah Batora!
Laga laga Batora!
* Finding a translation for Mahara Mothra was a gigantic PAIN. Mahara is apparently a play on the word Mahal (remember, Japan's rs and ls are kinda the same thing), which means love, and toma means right, or enough. So I changed it to Marah, which means wraith, angry, or resentful, and laga, which means 'fight'. Laban guerra labanan apparently can at least translate to '"Fight, War, Battle"', which fit Battra just as well as Mothra Yes, it doe
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GORGO KeyShot Render :icondopepope:dopepope 111 18 zGamera Collaboration with Digiwip :icondopepope:dopepope 150 16 GIGAN collaboration with Digiwip :icondopepope:dopepope 124 19 zSHIN GHIDORAH detail :icondopepope:dopepope 136 9 zBIOLLANTE KeyShot Render 2 :icondopepope:dopepope 133 6 zSHIN GHIDORAH concept development 2 :icondopepope:dopepope 160 8 zBIOLLANTE keyshot 1 :icondopepope:dopepope 189 37 What is a King to a God? :iconinkveil-matter:InkVeil-Matter 649 104 The Bridge-An Empress' Prophecy :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 204 36



Gonna take a few weeks break from writing to catch up on a few things, some more sorely needed than others.

But don't worry, I've got plenty of plans for new chapters and blogs, and sorts of things. And of course, I'll be around on the various sites, so you'll still be able to reach me.

See you on the other side.


United States


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